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Mason:  “MUM!!!!!  Quick, I need a towel!!!  The house is flooding!!!”

Me:  (*PANIC), “WHAT!?  WHERE!?  WHAT’S HAPPENED!?”  (*omg omg omg)

Mason:  “I’ve spilt the bubble mixture on the lid!!!!!”

Me: “…………………”

Me:  “So, erm…water isn’t filling up and causing damage?”


Mason and the wrapping of Fingers

Mason will be 6 years old soon and a couple of weeks ago he has learned a valuable skill.  One which will help him out of bad situations, one which will aid him to more happiness.

Mason has found the valuable skill of ‘Wrapping of little Fingers’

He has me totally wrapped around his little finger!  If I tell him off he gives me these eyes, not those horrid ‘puppy dog eyes’ but simular, he will come up to me have his arms out and say ‘I’m so sorry Mum’, looks sad and hugs me.
How can I tell him off when he does this!
Lol, I’ve caught on anyway and I now carry on telling him off/time out and afterwards I’ll get my cuddle.

Aww but he’s so cute the way he does it!  I can’t even explain or give it justice to you!

Not been on for an age!

I completely forgot that I had this blog!

Unfortunately my nan had passed away and of course blogging is the last thing you think about, but I’m back!

I’ve actually set up 2 other Blogs too, and I really do love blogging about random things.

Alix and Mason are doing really well.  Just got their school reports and they’re both above average so I’m very happy about that, they deserve a big treat. Read more…

I’ll go up to heaven and save her

Found out early hours of this morning that my Nan has passed away 😥  Trying to keep myself busy, hence the reason I’m on this blog.

I had to break the news to my children.  My daughter is deeply upset and was hardly talking.  A few hours later and she’s talking a bit more than normal and she’s stopped crying (She’s 7 years old), my son said he’s upset but he’s off playing out, he’s too young to understand this. Read more…

Its OK Mum, Hold My Hand

So we all had the dentist today.  I’ve usually always been OK with dentists.
However last time I went it hurt, it really hurt!  I was not too pleased and I’ve been a wimp with dentists ever since.

As all 4 of us had the appointment and were squeezed in the same tiny room, I made my husband go first.  He’s got good teeth but bad gums.  Alix went next, her teeth are perfect, and then Mason went, he was scared but I managed to get him in the chair after a little struggle. Read more…

About Me – The Mum

I had post-natal with both of our children and with Mason I had it REALLY bad, but I also had Ante-natal depression.
I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy with him, and when he was born I was so messed up that I found it hard to be near him.  I FORCED myself to be near him to begin with.  😦
I lost out on so many months and I wish to whoever is floating above the clouds, that I could reclaim those months. Read more…

They’re so grown up

It’s truly heart aching when you look at photo’s of your children when they were younger, whether the photo was 6 months ago or 5 years ago.

I can’t believe how grown up my kids are.  Alix is 7 years old, and Mason will be 5 years old in November! Read more…