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This is a blog mainly about my children and about the funny things they come out with.

Both our children have great imaginations but I must admit that our son Mason (4 years) has a wider imagination than our daughter Alix who is 7 years old.  Perhaps it’s an age thing, or maybe a boy thing, all I know is that I MUST write the these things down before I forget and the memories are forever lost.

A bit about our children:



Alix is 7 years of age and she is a rather independent young missy.  In fact, when I was pregnant with her I had a dream, and the dreams meaning was meant to indicate the child I was carrying was to be very independent and would ignore her childhood guardian angels, and I believe this is correct lol
Alix loves to do her own thing, and she loves to think of herself older than she is.
Since a young age she’s always wanted to try things on her own with no help and would have tantrums over things like me shutting a door because SHE had to shut the door for herself.

Alix likes her normal girly things such as princesses, dresses, bags etc, but she’s also very sporty with great stamina for it.  I was watching her the other day and she was a great team player and never gave up on it and she was faster than the others
She LOVES reading and writing, and loves school, she is above average in her classes too – proud mother moment of course

She has her bad moments too like all children do.  She seems to be in training to become a teenager and she’s been like this since she was about 5 or 6 years old.  She’s got the door slamming, arguing and stomping up the stairs to a ‘T’, and she’s even mastered the ‘Kevin’ ‘It’s not FAAAIIIRRRR’ lol.



Mason is our 4-year-old son and is quite a character.  He has such a fantastic imagination that you could sit down and listen to his stories for the entire day.  They’re funny, they’re informative and he’s just so cute with it all.  I wish I would have started this blog years ago to catch his early moments, but I will just have to make do with trying to remember and to also note down his future tales.

At school I’ve noticed Mason tends to run straight to the play area and is often on his own.  He’s very quite at school apparently but he has many friends and gets along with everyone.
At home, Mason is very erm…he likes his own way, and if he doesn’t get it, we all know about it lol.

Mason is fascinated with Buses and Trains, and he likes Planes too, but not as much as his adored double-decker buses.
He would quite happily sit at the bus station looking at all of the busses go by, or sit at the train station.

Mason enjoys role-playing too.  He tends to do this more on his own and it’s very amusing to watch.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog and please share your stories with me

Rachel xxx

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