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A new addition

by on 27 July 2012

No it’s not what you’re thinking, there are no sounds of gurgles, little pitter-patter of feet etc.
Our new addition is Toby!  Our lovely Border Collie Cross.


He is lovely and he gets on so well with Alix and Mason!

We weren’t really looking for a dog although I always wanted another one since Cleo had to be put down (Internal Bleeding) – Sadly I have no photo’s of Cleo, I was so devastated that I couldn’t bear to look at her and got rid of all my photos 😥 It was my way of dealing with it but it was the biggest mistake I ever made!  I will look again, I MUST have one somewhere.

Anyway, someone on my Facebook had put up his picture saying this handsome chap needed a home or he would be put down as his place in the pound had been taken by another dog.  I fell in love with his picture and so I discussed it with my husband.  Daron (aka Sammy) said yes!  I was shocked to be honest, I didn’t think he’d want another dog but it must have been fate 🙂  Me seeing Toby, Daron saying yes and the lady (Sue) reading my message and choosing us to be his new family.

Toby was in Cyprus, and he already had his vaccinations,  his pet passport and his plane ticket to the UK, all he needed now was his forever home.

All week I was excited and getting ahead of myself.  Buying new things for him, spending a fortune on beds, leads, food and toys etc.

On Wednesday 18th July 2012, we got a lift to pick up Toby from Manchester Airport.  My Mum was with me too and we saw all the dogs coming out one by one and they were all so excited to be off of the plane.  Toby came off and he was a bit quite but was dragging me around sniffing everywhere.

We got home and he was doing well, he was getting loads of attention and licking people.  Alix and Mason were in bed (It was a surprise).

He been really good, it took him a few days to get out of his shell and stop being nervous.  He instantly kept staying by my side and he still does but he’s no longer waiting outside the loo door etc but that may be because he’s no longer allowed upstairs 🙂

He’s been doing really well on lead, he stays by our side but sometimes goes in front.  He’s not 100% with other dogs but I’m trying to change that – we have a trainer coming in on Wednesday although I’m wondering WHAT he’s going to teach me as I know already about training using rewards etc.
My problem is Toby isn’t food or play motivated.  I THINK perhaps he’s just ‘love’ motivated, he loves his cuddles and strokes.

Anyone have any advice on socialising Toby it would be very welcome 🙂
I’m already introducing him to dogs and walking past etc.

He’s VERY underweight too.  He was only 11kg and apparently SMALLER when he first came into the pound!  You can see his spine and backbone/hind leg bones 😥

Anyway, one week with us and he’s gained half a pound 🙂


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