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Not been on for an age!

by on 11 July 2012

I completely forgot that I had this blog!

Unfortunately my nan had passed away and of course blogging is the last thing you think about, but I’m back!

I’ve actually set up 2 other Blogs too, and I really do love blogging about random things.

Alix and Mason are doing really well.  Just got their school reports and they’re both above average so I’m very happy about that, they deserve a big treat.
Alix is now 8 years old and Mason is 5 years old.  He still loves him buses but also loves Spiderman at the moment.

Other Blogs:

The Coffee Cups is about me and my husband going on our coffee dates, but also includes us going out, walks, funny things and other rambles about us.  I’ve included a lot of reviews of the cafes/restaurants in Huddersfield too.  My husband and I always say to each other ‘Fancy a Coffee Date’ and unfortunately ‘Coffee Date’ was taken.  We’ve been together for 12 years and we still have dates 🙂

Wine 0’clock is about me on my Slimming World Diet.  I started it a few weeks ago and I’m loving this diet.  This blog seems to be doing really well, it’s about diets so of course it will gain interest.  It’s just called Wine 0’clock because I’m known for saying it and now on this diet I’m going to miss wine!


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