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I’ll go up to heaven and save her

by on 11 September 2011

Found out early hours of this morning that my Nan has passed away 😥  Trying to keep myself busy, hence the reason I’m on this blog.

I had to break the news to my children.  My daughter is deeply upset and was hardly talking.  A few hours later and she’s talking a bit more than normal and she’s stopped crying (She’s 7 years old), my son said he’s upset but he’s off playing out, he’s too young to understand this.

I sat them both down and just basically said that Great Nanny is now in heaven.  They asked questions like what happened and Mason asked if she got to heaven on a bus (Him and his busses lol).
They asked if she would be young or old and asked if the angels either took her, if she floated to heaven or walked through a door.

It was really upsetting and I was trying to be brave but I broke down in tears.
I’ve explained to them that she would be happier in heaven and would no longer be sad.

Mason then said to me that he doesn’t want great nanny in heaven and that he is going to climb up into heaven and save her.  Bless him, he was so sweet.  He mentioned that he’d wait for the bus and get to heaven 🙂

I love you Nan.  You are the most sweetest and most caring person I have ever met!  I am proud to call you my Nan.

With love xxx


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