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Its OK Mum, Hold My Hand

by on 10 August 2011

So we all had the dentist today.  I’ve usually always been OK with dentists.
However last time I went it hurt, it really hurt!  I was not too pleased and I’ve been a wimp with dentists ever since.

As all 4 of us had the appointment and were squeezed in the same tiny room, I made my husband go first.  He’s got good teeth but bad gums.  Alix went next, her teeth are perfect, and then Mason went, he was scared but I managed to get him in the chair after a little struggle.

Then it was my turn.  I didn’t think I looked worried but kids can pick up on things, I thought I was looking quite brave.  Parents have to be big and brave for their children, it makes them feel safe and confident.

I’m laying there and Mason walks up to me and says ‘It’s OK Mum, hold my hand’  Awwwwwww that made me smile but also a tad tearful as I was so touched.  He’s 4 years old!!

I managed to mime to Daron to take the kids out of the room before the dentist starts on my teeth so I can Ooo, Ah and Ouch in privacy lol – BIG WIMP!


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