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Magic Beans

by on 7 August 2011

Mason was telling me and his dad that he went ‘down town’ earlier and he found five-teen (15) magic beans.  He threw them and it grew up into a big Magic Beanstork (This Story sounds familular).

He then chopped down the Bean Stalk and all five-teen (I need to practice the ‘teens’ with him more lol) beans went SPLAT and squirted on the floor at MacDonalds.  The bean stork was so enormous (I didn’t know he knew that word lol) that it hit Burger Kings roof.

Then he said that when he was a kid (lol) he went by himself to the cinema to watch a scary Harry Potter.

I’ve then said thank you for telling me the story and he corrects me ‘It’s not a story, it’s real life mum’.

He goes back to the story of the beans and tells me that he now has 16 and he dropped them in a bowl by accident and then they went ‘pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop’ and the beans turned into a popcorn bean stalk.

He then said ‘It was credibly naughty’  lol, cutie.


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