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What are you doing Mason?

by on 30 July 2011

As I’m a few years late in writing this blog, I will just quickly write a few things now that I can think of at the top of my head:

Mason used to play a rather strange game everyday and would do for hours (hours broken up throughout the day).
He would sit down and play post office.
Perhaps you’re thinking he’s playing the customer giving some money over, or perhaps the cashier and sorting out some stamps for the nice lady?
Nope, he’s playing ‘THE VOICE’.
The Voice I hear you say, yes the voice ‘Cashier number one please’  The male or female voice you hear at post offices and banks which let the customer know that the cashier is now available.
Mason would sit there he would just be saying ‘Cashier number one please’ and wait a little bit and then do it all over again……LMAO!  Bless him.

Another thing Mason tends to do is play Coraline, the animated film.  He LOVES this film and watches this several times a day when he can.  He will then ‘play’ Coraline and reenact parts of the film.  He’s even got me trying to play along and he’ll say his line and then he’ll tell me what my line is lol.

Now, this is so far the funniest.  I walked into the living room one day, and Mason was just stood there, not moving and looking straight towards the door.  I walked past him and sat down and he still hadn’t moved, so after a minute of this blissful silence I decided I should ask if he was ok.
‘You ok Mason?’
‘What are you doing Mason’
……..’I’m in a lift’
He’s since been in his invisible lift and now says ‘Lift Going Up’, and/or ‘Ding, doors opening’ hahahaa

Mason would also play games while we were out, and several times on the way to school we would be walking and all of a sudden he would stop dead and refuse to move.  Then you would hear from him ‘beepbeepbeepbeepbeep’, of course he was waiting for the invisible traffic lights to let him cross.    Cutey

Stay tuned for more


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