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Alix aka Moody Missy

by on 30 July 2011

Alix is lovely, of course we love her to bits, and she’s nice and kind to others and she’s polite.  She’s always been polite and her first few words included please and thank you.

She’s always been the one to help people out, she loves meeting new children and making new friends, yet she is shy with adults… …saying that, she seems to be coming out of her shell the last few weeks which is good.

However she does sulk… a lot!  She’s a whiney child too, she has that type of whine that dogs can hear miles away.
Oh and the faces she pulls when in a mood!  Her forehead is scrunched up, her lips pout out looking like she’s puckering up for a kiss.  She also folds her arms and makes the ‘Humph’ sound lol.

I took her to her first ever swimming lesson and she loved it, I could see her floating around and kicking her legs to swim backwards, because she was going fast though, by the time she got to the end she would be standing there waiting and would be shivering bless her.
Note to self:  Tell Alix to jump and move slightly to keep warm.

We came out and went off to town and she was fine until we got to the market, and here came the ‘I want this, I want that’, and I had to explain that I’ve not got a lot of money and I’m buying some food for the next few days, and with that I get the ‘It’s not Faaair, I NEVER get ANYTHING’……..
……erm, excuse me missy, you’ve got swimming lessons that have been paid for 10 weeks in advance!  Kids will be kids though so I just explain this to her and leave it at that.

Gotta love ‘em


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